70 Sun and moon Trendy tattoo

70 Trendy Sun and moon tattoo

The tattoo has existed for more than 5,000 years and is considered a diverse art. A long time ago it seemed as if it was just men getting tattoos, but women enjoy them too.

Choosing tattoo designs for women can be hard because there are so many. This is because the talent of tattoo artists allows them to do virtually anything with ink.

Top designs

The top tattoo designs for women include the following:

· Flowers – The rose is probably the most common flower to be used. They can be incorporated into another tattoo design or tattooed by themselves. They can be placed virtually anywhere on a woman’s body. Becoming more popular is the top of the foot.

· Celestial – Tattoos that consist of the sun, the moon, and the stars are very popular because they sometimes have some kind of significance. For instance, how many stars are on a tattoo may be how many children a woman has. Half suns and half moons can frequently be found on a woman’s lower back.

· Name tattoos – Amongst the most popular tattoo designs for women are name tattoos. It is the names of their children that women tend to have tattooed on them. Others may choose the name of their significant other or a loved one who passed. Sometimes name tattoos can be accompanied by a copied image of the individual’s face when the name tattoo is of someone else’s name. Most women say that they would tattoo the name of their children on them or of someone who has passed away that they missed. Most also say that they would never have the name of a significant other tattooed onto them. Many who have done it regret it.

· Tribal bands – Tribal bands are not just for men anymore. They are popular tattoo designs for women because these tattoos can also be placed on the lower back. Most women do not get tribal tattoos because of any particular meaning that they may have, but that the tattoos simply look “cool.”

· Portraits – As mentioned with the name tattoos, some will have an actual image of the person whose name is tattooed on them. As more tattoo artists offer them, more people are turning to portrait tattoos. A real photograph can be copied onto the skin.

Making the choice

It can be difficult choosing which tattoo design to get. There are so many tattoo designs for women out there. Simply look at the above popular types of women’s tattoos and look in those areas. Maybe you don’t want a portrait, but you may be interested in tribal bands. Go with your gut feeling and you will be able to choose which is right for you.


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