50 Adorable Wedding Dresses for Fall Season

50+ Adorable Wedding Dresses for Fall Season

When planning a fall wedding, one is obliged to take into consideration that the weather might be a bit chilly and select a heavier material for a formal or an informal wedding gown/dress. The climatic conditions of the venue selected must equally go into the considerations on how to dress. The problem is far more important for the brides than for the grooms, as men usually wear some kind of jacket.

There are two aspects one must remember when one selects to marry during the fall season. In some countries the fall is rather mild and in others it can be pretty chilly. And, as the season spread over at least two months, one must also consider if the wedding will be at the beginning or the end of the fall season. The later in the season, the colder it might be outside, and for health reasons more precautions about keeping the body warm must therefore be taken.

A perfect wedding gown for an autumn wedding would preferably be made of heavy silk or satin. If the wedding, takes place in a northern country or hill-station, it becomes compulsory to select a heavier material for the gown. A silk gown with long sleeves and high neck or a halter style, which covers the chest nicely, might greatly help in defying the chill. If the preference of gown has very little fabric on top like thin straps, one bare shoulder or maybe is a strapless one with a bodice, a supplementary smartly designed and decorated bolero with ¾ sleeves becomes a must. Don’t forget, that most churches are quite cold during the fall season and even if the wedding is performed in a hotel or resort, there will be times when a bolero or short jacket will be indispensable. If the idea of a bolero or short jacket is not suitable to the mind of a bride-to-be, there are other possibilities like stoles of various soft and warming materials (like lace backed with woollen fabric, knitted or crocheted shawls of very fine wool (eventually merino) or a cape-like garment to cover up the exposed parts during the transition from car to church or hotel and back will be quite suitable.

Take this time to have a great fall wedding and perfect it with the wedding dress of your dreams. You will have the most special day of your life.

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