50 Holiday Outfits Women Christmas Ideas

50 Holiday Outfits Women Christmas Ideas

Have you given any thought to what you are going to wear to the holiday parties this year?

An invitation to a special Christmas or New Year’s Eve party can strike fear in the hearts of the most fashion-conscious among us – to say nothing of the fashion-impaired.

Finding the perfect outfit should not cause a grown woman to cry – even though socially the decision ranks right up there with what to wear to an ex’s wedding or the prom.

There are several big mistakes that women make most often:

1. Trying to impress with the latest style even if the style is not meant for someone their age/body shape/personality – they often succeed only in looking foolish or as if they are desparately clinging to their youth.

2. Overkill – wearing all of your jewelry at once or wearing your lowest-cut dress with your nosebleed-high heels.

3. Dressing too sexy to be appropriate for the occasion – office holiday parties are not the place to try out that plunging neckline or up-to-here skirt.

4. Making no effort at all – wearing picnic casual to a black and white New Year’s Eve ball.

When choosing attire for a party try to pick something your will feel comfortable in, something that will get you compliments for your taste in color, style or fabric. When you try your outfit on try to imagine the color photos making the e-mail rounds next week.

One great option is to pick a fairly plain dress in basic black or holiday red and let your accessories do the hard work. Add one show-stopping piece of jewelry like a gorgeous long strand of pearls or a sparkly Christmas-themed brooch. Carry a beautiful beaded handbag or wear a contrasting festive scarf or cape-like coat.

Pay special attention to your lingerie – a little undercover help can also totally change an outfit. Try a minimizer bra if you are too well endowed or a push-up or padded bra if you need a LITTLE cleavage to accent your dress. Almost any body shape can benefit from a smoothing undergarment just to straighten out lines and bulges and give a polished look to your outfit.

Don’t forget your make-up. This is a great time to pamper yourself at a department store beauty counter on the afternoon of the party for a make-over or splurge at a local spa. Professionally applied make-up can light up your face and people will remember your feeling and glow of self-confidence and beauty.

A party is a perfect place to try a little bit of a new style but do not go overboard – after all, you hope you were invited for your sparkling conversation and contribution to the group, not as window dressing.

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