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90+ Adorable DIY Craft Ornament for Christmas

Are you looking for some Christmas DIY projects? Check out these ideas for creating handmade decorations for your home.

Dip yarn in a mixture of 50/50 water and glue or 50/50 water and dissolved sugar. Wrap it around a small balloon to create a beautiful ornament. When dry, simply pop the balloon and pull it out through one of the spaces. Use wallpaper scraps, fabrics, and other things from around the house to make or decorate ornaments. Don’t forget to let the kids create their own precious keepsakes every year. You can make an adorable ornament with your kids, to make your Christmas tree perfect.

Let the kids help you to cut out varying shapes and sizes of paper snowflakes. You can use glitter to make them sparkle and shine if you wish. String them up together to create interesting chandeliers, garlands, or tree decorations.

Roll poster board into different sized cones and decorate with paint, sequins, sprinkles, cut-out snowflakes, paper doilies, buttons, or anything that comes to mind. Place them around the house to brighten up dark spots.

Cinnamon Sticks can be glued around the outside of any candle to fill your home with a wonderful holiday scent and festive décor. Pine cones can be used in vases, baskets, strung up along the mantle, or anywhere in your home.



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