51 How to Decor Your Christmas Cookies

51 How to Decor Your Christmas Cookies

For most of us, Christmas is a time of year for sharing time with our loved ones. It is an especially important time for our children who thrive on the magic of the season and those traditions that create lasting childhood memories. For them, the excitement of Christmas starts long before Christmas Day and they love nothing better than being involved in the festive preparations. Baking cookies is one tradition that has stood the test of time and has been passed down from mother to child for generations.

Being involved in Christmas preparations always evokes warm abiding memories warmth and closeness. Baking Christmas treats such as cookies and candy is a wonderful ritual that can be shared with your kids and brings so much pleasure and is a wonderful tradition to share if you plan it properly in advance.

Everyone will be eager to be involved in the preparation and cooking process. Allow the kids the freedom to try out the kitchen appliances for the first time and have fun by experimenting with the ingredients and creating their own individual cookies. They will love seeing the end results and will take great pleasure in showing the rest of the family their little works of art.

Don’t plan your cookie baking for the day before you are expecting guests or need your kitchen to be in pristine condition. Expect chaos and take a relaxed attitude towards if for one day. You will enjoy the experience all the more if you are not stressing overspills. The kitchen can be put back to its original state, having fun on this occasion is far more important. Your kids will really appreciate being less restricted and they will love you for it. The whole experience can be rewarding for all of you.

Baking cookies with your kids should be a happy and stress-free time. Create the ideal conditions for your Christmas cookie cooking day so that you and your kids will enjoy every minute of it. Decore it with cheer color, make them with a funny shape, decore with Christmas things like Christmas tree, deer, bells, mickey as Santa, snowman, even Lamma.

Finally, be completely organized and have everything you are likely to need on hand. Being prepared for this Christmas cookie cooking day can make all the difference to your enjoyment and theirs. Follow all the guidelines and your day is sure to be a great success and one you and your children will want to recreate every year.

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