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60+ Street Style Outfits to Wear This Winter

Even though winter sees the onslaught of woolly garments, big wellington boots, and chunky hats, scarves, and gloves it is still possible to rock out an outfit that screams street style. But what should you wear for winter street style? What footwear is practical and fashionable? And what accessories are acceptable in winter? This article has 60+ style ideas perfect for you to create during winter.

Stripes are always a winning pattern at any time of year and the same goes for checks. Incorporate these into your winter outfit by wearing patterns jumpers or long sleeve tops under wool coats. Depending on your personal preference both fitted and broad overcoats are acceptable as long as they are matched with appropriate garments. Steer clear from your comfy winter jogging bottoms. As tempting as they are, they do nothing for street style. As summery as it sounds, you can still rock your skinny jeans and leggings. Long coats will protect your legs from the cold weather so your jeans can still hit the streets. This collection has some of the top women brands dresses to create this style. Faux fur hoods and collars add a great twist to any winter street style outfit so use these to your advantage. Slate and gunmetal greys, black and even white and creams are great tones for faux fur coats. Plain shades will go beautifully with patterns and bold colors.

Patterned wellies are perfect for winter. They are made for this time of year anyway and with such a wide range of colors and patterns now, matching a pair to your outfit is easy. Different size boots are conventional and will definitely boost your street credibility when it comes to style and looking chic. Obviously it is not wise to go for low top shoes or sneakers. Most of these are made from fabric and if the ground is wet your feet will be too. Not only will this ruin your look, but keep you uncomfortable for the rest of your trip. Stick to leather boots as these will keep you protected as well as looking chic and stylish.

This may sound bizarre, but sunglasses are still a great accessory for winter street style. They add that touch of panache to any outfit and are definitely for a style, not practicality this season. Chunky scarves are great and not only look amazing and build up the volume but double up as a warm garment. Beanie style hats are ideal in winter. Not only do they easily match with outfits but are another accessory that will keep you cozy and warm. Don’t forget though to add other accessories such as necklaces and bracelets! They may not be seen under a huge overcoat but will add the final touches to your outfit underneath.

Have a look at the following images and use them to create your own winter street style.



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