50+ Chic and Elegant Thanksgiving Outfits Ideas

This week we have a special heads-up for all of our readers out there. Thanksgiving is a time of year that conjures up warm and homey images. Family get-togethers, sweet potato pie, and watching a game of football while you nod off by the fire are all part of the American tradition. By late November, most of the places where Thanksgiving is celebrated have at least experienced a cold snap, so it is generally a good moment to take stock of what warm clothing you need for the coming winter, always nipping at the heels of that lovely turkey dinner and fireside slumber.

What could be better than a festive and novel headpiece to get a giggle from the family, or turn a few heads at the parade? While a bit silly, walking around town on Thanksgiving wearing your finest gobbler will definitely turn a few heads. Whatever it maybe make sure to give thanks to what you do have because many people don’t have the privilege to do that.

Fashionable items to wear for Thanksgiving can be “flat hats”, these warm headpieces originally hail from northern England where they were all the rage in the 14th century. There is something about these urbane and old-fashioned accessories that remind us of cozy days by the fire, sitting with a good book and a cup of gin, or meeting your extended family as they arrive at the train station to spend a few days with you. Of course, there are no hats allowed at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply your own sense of fashion both before and after.

Another remnant of our country’s stylish past that is making a resurgence this Thanksgiving is the classic newsboy hat. Evocative of a different time and place, exotic and yet distinctly American, we have a large selection of these cool hats for you and yours. See you in the funny papers!

Whatever your tastes or a particular method of celebrating Thanksgiving, Turkey day has its roots in a very well-meaning idea: the thought that we should pause each year around the time the earth shares its bounty and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for in our lives. While it is easy to get discouraged when things don’t go your way, a healthy dose of gratitude often makes our lives deeper, richer experiences. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers – we are certainly thankful for you all!

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