50 Ideas Burgundy Shoes Sexy Secret

50+ Ideas Burgundy Shoes Beautiful Secret

Sexy, glamor, sultry, confident, sophisticated. These are some of the words used to describe burgundy. This why some of the most powerful women have at least one burgundy item in their fashion diary. From ruby red slippers and burgundy pumps, there will surely be a way to incorporate some fiery color into your style.

Burgundy and white go extremely well together. Whether it’s a crisp white shirt with black cigarette pants or a simple white tee and jeans, a burgundy pair of pumps or high heeled boots will definitely jazz up the look. To elevate your outfit further, add a blazer or cardigan to give your look a little more texture.

A simple white dress will leave you looking feminine… and a tad bit boring. Grab some good attention with burgundy ballet flats for a casual outing with the family or for a first date. Add on a cropped jacket on a chilly day.

Or there’s no harm in keeping a look classic with a black on black ensemble but a pop of color never really hurt anyone. A patent scarlet pump will put a modern touch to an otherwise classic dress. To showcase your dress, keep your burgundy shoes and accessories simple. A diamond stud earring and silver watch will be more than enough.

This is a collection of styles using burgundy shoes, you can use when relaxed or formal, hopefully, you are inspired.

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