99 Ideas How to Wear Tartan Coats

99 Ideas How to Wear Tartan Coats

Tartan is one of a trend Autumn and Winter, but perhaps more of a challenge for everybody else!

Tartan doesn’t just have to be kilts and sporrans, with knee-high socks and bagpipes, although of course, this can look fabulous at an appropriate occasion. Much of the tartan available in retail outlets is not from any official clan, as designers have used their own colour combinations, so don’t feel you can’t wear tartan just because you don’t have the ancestry.

There are several things to bear in mind when purchasing your tartan. You need to think carefully about the colour, the style of the item, the pattern size and your body shape.

The geometric “shape” of tartan is best suited to “Rectangular” or “Lean Column” body shapes. Curvy bodies do not suit this pattern quite so well, but never fear, a tartan scarf or handbag in complementary colours is all you need to make a fashion statement. “Triangles” can build up their upper half with a nice tartan jacket or short coat. You may need to visit an image consultant and have a style consultation to ascertain your body shape.

There are a large number of tartan tights around, but these are really for the young with long slim legs. The pattern can give the appearance of width so probably best avoided by most. Tartan boots and shoes can be found in some boutiques, just make sure that the style suits your leg length.

If all else fails and you don’t think tartan is for you, perhaps a pair of gloves or a hair scrunchy is all you need to contribute to this trend.

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