100 Ideas How to Use Red from Casual to Formal

100+ Ideas How to Use Red from Casual to Formal

While wearing red every day in a top or sweater is certainly acceptable, there are certain times when it’s even more fashionable. There is no doubt that certain holidays make us think of red, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

On Christmas, Santa wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t decked out in his famous red suit! And if Santa can wear red, then anyone can wear red. You will notice during the holiday season, that stores will put beautiful red dresses on their mannequins and display them in their windows. They do this for a reason; they know it will draw attention and it most certainly does.

There is just something really sexy about a red dress and wearing a gorgeous evening dress to a holiday party or other special occasion will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. For young ladies in Junior High and High School, wearing a red dress to the prom is a popular choice because red is an exciting and fun color to wear and besides, what girl doesn’t want to be the belle of the ball?

And Let’s Not Forget Valentine’s Day.

Wearing sexy red lingerie underneath our clothing or wearing a beautiful short red cocktail dress to a romantic dinner would certainly be a perfect choice in celebrating this special day with the one we love.

Don’t think you have to wear lots of red to make a huge fashion statement because wearing a little red can go a long way. You can add a huge splash of color when you add it to your wardrobe with a pair of red shoes, a handbag, a scarf or even a bold piece of red jewelry.

Wearing red can certainly make someone look more powerful, sexy, in charge, and confident. Try wearing red on your next night on the town or upcoming holiday season and don’t be surprised when you are out on your next shopping trip, you find yourself looking at adding more red clothing and accessories to your wardrobe!

Even wearing red when casual makes you feel energetic, strong and uplifting.

Here is how to use red from casual to formal. Enjoy and happy holiday!

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