50 Ideas Wearing Black and White to All Season

50+ Ideas Wearing Black and White to All Season

The world is a colorful place – shades of red, orange, blue and every other hue and tone in the rainbow. But you might be looking for a change when it comes to your clothing colors. Why not try black and white? Before you make up your mind that black and white is boring, read on!

There are times when one should take a break a break from wearing colors. You don’t need to look too formal when using it. Be it any time of the day, be it any occasion, black and white happen to be most preferred. Look at the tips below so that you can be stunning in black and white.

It will better to combine a white bottom with a blacktop. This is a good tip for those who are top-heavy since the black will de-accentuate your upper body. Use some key accessories like a satin belt or sandals with straps to make it look more feminine.

Team up a black bottom with a white top. The pure black will allow you to select more stylish cuts. Imagine styles that are more interesting such as a ruffled skirt just so you don’t end up looking like a waiter or a penguin.

Play with proportions and enjoy it! Be creative with your black and white attire by having fun with proportions. Why not try a combination of a fancy white skirt and a body-hugging black jacket, or maybe some dark tight jeans with a flouncy white blouse.

There just isn’t much excitement to plain black and white clothes. You could enjoy trying out some textures and experiment with how it feels. Texture means having good pleats or ruffles, you could even try mixing up different kinds, like wearing a leather black skirt and ruffled white blouse.

Combine patterns with single colors. Yes, you can mix the black and white prints with solids! It will look good when layered on a solid color like a fitted jacket over a printed voluminous blouse or leggings under a skirt. Also, keep in mind to be able to get away with this you must remember your frame size. Small prints or textures for people with small frames and larger prints for large-framed.

Another great look is to team a tailored piece with something frilly or sheer.

Black and white fashion has remained a realm above, creating its own place in the fashion world. The wearing of a black and white ensemble ensures both sophistication and panache.

Here are 50+ ideas wearing black and white to all season.

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