50 Inspiring Romantic DIY Valentines Gift Ideas

50+ Inspiring Romantic DIY Valentines Gift Ideas

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas here is how to choose the right one for you and for your love.

There is a misconception that you have to buy an expensive present. That is not true. Women’s Health magazine had just conducted a survey of over 1,000 men and women. One of the questions was how much money should be spent on Valentine’s day gift. most people said that the present should be under 50$ and 50% of those people said that they expect to get a present under 25 dollars.

Then what can you do with such a budget?

Well, the basic idea for this day is obvious – the person you love wants to know how you feel about him/her. Love is all about attention. Your gift should show thought and creativity. This has nothing to do with a price tag on the gift.

Some people think sending a valentines card is enough. It is true that in the US alone over a billion Valentine cards are being sent each year.

For some people giving a rose is enough to show they love someone. While this is a nice gesture the rose still lacks a personal touch.

It doesn’t take much to turn a traditional card or rose into a great love statement.

Any gift you buy or make must have a personal twist to it. It is all in the thought you put into it.

For example: buying a picture frame or making a unique picture frame and using a picture of you as a couple is a good start. I made a picture frame out of a nutshell and wrote a note “in a nutshell – I love you”).

Humor and love go well together. You can find something small and funny she/he will love. It makes a different present and shows you thought about what would make your love laugh.

Writing the right thing on the card is important. Valentine’s day gifts are important but finding the right thing to write on the card is just as important. This is a way to add a personal touch. don’t copy from the net. Write a poem, a letter something personal. write why you love him/her.

Make your Valentine Day gifts better by finding the right way to wrap it. Again it’s all in the thought you put into the present.

Remember: it’s all in the thought you put into the gift. A lot of presents are going to be given this year. Make your gift special.

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