49 Ideas Glam Valentines Night Makeup Look

49 Ideas Glam Valentines Night Makeup Look

Hair, makeup, jewelry, and clothes can be combined to create a glamorous look when preparing for an exciting night out with friends or a hot date, and especially for Valentine Night. Different seasons, holidays, events and even weather may dictate which styles are suitable and what features to emphasize for added oomph. Personal preferences differ, but many women choose to add some glimmer or shimmer to their wardrobe as well as their makeup. These touches can be subtle or include show stopper glitz and bling depending on the impact and occasion.

as well. High glam shouldn’t come across as trashy, one or two shiny accessories are enough to attract positive attention.

Many hairstyles are considered glamourous, elegant updos and long loose curls are two examples, but a multitude of styles for every length of hair is beautiful. Pins, barrettes, combs and other ornaments can be used to hold the hairstyle in place while adding zing. Clean, lustrous hair looks are always in fashion and clip-on hair extensions can be added for a fun change.

Don’t forget the perfume to help create an overall air of glamour which affects the senses. A light misting before leaving home is all that requires as the undertones develop long after the initial aroma dissipates. Lotions, creams, and powder can be layered on to prolong the scent throughout the evening.

Try adding one new piece of jewelry, makeup or clothes or experiment with new hairstyles and makeup to create a unique and glamorous look without having to spend a lot of money. A plethora of styles and colors of clothing can be used to create a beautiful look as long as the end result is not one where each piece is fighting for attention.


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