Cute Maternity Outfits Ideas 50+

Fashion can be a nightmare when you’re pregnant. Nothing seems to fit, as your body is constantly getting bigger and changing shape. Add to this the added pressure of the limits imposed on your wardrobe by the demands of the summer heat, and the task of finding a comfortable and stylish maternity outfit can seem impossible.

But the predicament is not really that dire. The truth is that there are plenty of summer maternity outfit options that look good and keep you cool during the months of heat. Here are just some basic summer fashion tips for moms-to-be.

Empire waist dresses
Sleeveless empire waist dresses are all the rage in maternity fashion right now. Their seam just below the bust gives your body shape and comfort. Choose soft, light fabrics for the summer weather. Combine the empire waist dress with bold jewelry for evening semi-formal or formal events.

There’s no need to fear the beach. Wearing a light beach cover-up or tunic is just what you need to keep you cool and comfy while you relax in the sand or splash around in the waves. The beach tunic can also double as a mini-dress for later use.

Soft Knits
Whether it’s a t-shirt, a pair of pants, shorts, or a skirt, soft knit fabrics are great for summer. They keep hot skin cool and can be worn in a variety of casual styles.

Lightweight Cardigan
For those cool summer nights, the light cardigan sweater is just the thing to have. It looks great when worn over maternity dresses and keeps you warm without getting cumbersomely hot.

Shifts and Print Sundresses
Shift dresses, all the rage during the sixties, are making a big fashion comeback today. Sleeveless and hanging straight down from the shoulders, shift dresses are great for maternity wear. They are colorful and light, making them a great option for casual or semi-formal summer outfits. Print sundresses, are also equally versatile and light, though with a slightly more defined shape.

Regardless of the outfit, remember that summer gives you the chance to wear big, colorful jewelry. So have fun and remember mix and match.

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