50+ Simple And Cute Winter Outfit Ideas

I’m not crazy about some of the rigors of winter on the East Coast but I have to make the most of it like any other working stiff and I have to admit I love the opportunity the Holidays give me to be totally daring and wear things that make a statement and turn heads. Hey! I’m human you know! But warm winter coats, snug and waterproof ski jackets, some biker-type leather and I’m all set for what the worst Nor’easter this side of Boston can dish out.

The thing I like least about the clothing for women in winter is that so much of it is dull and drab. Fashion and winter coats seem to have parted ways somehow and even things like weather-proof tops, sweaters and pants are not designed with much flair so I go out looking for stuff that is eye appealing, vivid colors , good cuts and on the naughty side for parties. Sorry, but that’s just me!

I have to admit that most of the big names in retail seem not to have pursued this market. As a woman of indeterminate age in the workforce, surely I deserve a better shake than this? I scour the web looking for ideas and since I don’t have to cover the geography for the most part I’m open to anything as long as it’s not garbage. I’m up for sales and discounts but I’m also suspicious as hell. So I have to stay with names I trust whether it’s on the design side or the stocking, shipment and crafting aspects of the things I buy.

My budget is neither obscenely large nor too pinched and so I’m free to roam a bit among the designers and I do, particularly for party things. I do admit to going a little crazy there! I check the catalogs of Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s. I look at the leather folks among the bikes and stuff. I scan the designers at Neiman and others. I’m not easy to pigeonhole, I guess but then are you? I’ll go Victoria’s Secret on occasion and perhaps names that are unfamiliar to you but I wouldn’t call myself a groundbreaker by any means.

The holidays are coming up fast and I really need some sassy outfits so I’m going to go online and do some serious work to find a few that I just must have. Want to join me?

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