50+ Outfits Styling Dress Spring Ideas

When spring and the warm weather arrive, it’s time for the spring horseracing season to begin. In every state, capital city and in many regional Australian centres, spring race days, cups and carnivals are mainstays of the social calendar.

A day out at the races is a long standing social pastime that appeals to wide age and demographic groups, and no matter where in Australia you live there are a number of race days and carnivals to choose from. Of course, the penultimate spring racing season event is the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup unites the nation, and whether or not you are at the racecourse itself, it’s a great excuse to don a pretty dress, place a bet and celebrate one of Australia’s oldest and most celebrated horse racing traditions.

Whether you attend the races or celebrate from afar, it’s essential to have a perfect spring carnival outfit. Here’s a guide on how to choose the racing essentials – dress, hat and shoes – to be race ready and dressed for the spring racing season.

-Dress. In today’s world, few occasions still call for women to get dressed up. The races, however, remain an occasion when ladies can get away with, and are encouraged, to go all out and wear a beautiful dress. It’s always a good idea to buy a dress that has the potential to be worn again for another occasion. Also, the races can be a long day, so make sure you choose a dress that is comfortable and can be worn with a shawl or light jacket should the weather turn. There are a number of brands that specialise in dresses so choose a brand that suits your style. For simple and elegant tastes try JAG. Their dresses offer a sophisticated, chic look.

-Hat. When else does a girl get the opportunity to wear a fabulous hat? Wearing some sort of hair piece or hair accessory is a must for the races. If you’d rather not wear a big hat, then go for a smaller clip, feather or flower. Bigger isn’t always better!

-Shoes. Shoe choice is crucial when dressing for the races, as you’ll spend a good portion of the day on your feet. Heels can be painful at the best of times, so make sure you pick a pair that are comfortable enough to spend the whole day in. Alternatively, carry a pair of flat shoes in your bag in anticipation of sore feet.

The races are a great excuse to dress up and have a great day out with friends – you might even get lucky and win some money! But taking the time to think about your outfit will make it a more enjoyable day. Remember that even though it’s spring, it can still get chilly. So take a wrap, scarf or jacket along with you. Esprit has a great range of scarves and wraps that are the perfect race day accessory.

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