Dresses Bridesmaids Red Color Ideas

35+ Dresses Bridesmaids Red Color Ideas

Before the Wedding

Provide plenty of moral support and be sure to be a good listener during this stressful, yet exciting time in her life.

Help out by accompanying the bride when she is dress shopping for her gown as well as for the bridesmaids. Offer your input and suggestions, and be honest when asked your opinion. If you absolutely hate the orange and white dresses she’s leaning towards for all of the bridesmaids, be sure to tell her so in a gentle, tactful way. Another thing the bride will be appreciative of is if her bridesmaids order their gowns in plenty of time for alterations to be made if necessary. Also, be sure to pick up the dresses on time or even ahead of schedule to ensure everything is as it should be.

Offer to tag along with the bride when she’s scoping out venues for the reception or interviewing bands or DJs. She’ll no doubt welcome another opinion especially when it comes time to decide on other things like the caterer, and what type of foods and baked goods to have at the reception. Another helpful gesture is to help the bride with the daunting task of deciding on the seating arrangements. Likewise you could offer to help with addressing and stuffing the invitations for both the shower and wedding.

On the Wedding Day

Assist the bride with her hair and make-up and getting into her dress. Scuff up the bottoms of her shoes or attach non-skid pads to ensure she doesn’t slip going up or down the aisle. Then see to it that the bride has everything she needs before the wedding by presenting her with a pre-wedding kit of all the little essential thing she may need. Include items such as a few safety and hair pins, a sewing kit, extra pantyhose, hair spray, nail polish and a nail file, make-up, aspirin, antacids, breath mints, and gum.

Be on the look-out for the unexpected. There’s nary a wedding that doesn’t go off without at least one, small hitch before the day is over. Take charge in such instances and make it your mission to keep the bride calm and on track when something does go wrong. Also, ask the bride if she needs any private time to collect her thoughts before the ceremony begins and see to it that she gets it.

Find ways to be social but yet helpful at the reception. Assist elderly guests with their food or to their seats. Assign a few responsible pre-teens the task of watching younger guests, keeping them occupied and entertained. Make plenty of time to mingle, and try to make your rounds to thank everyone for attending.

Be sure to take lots, and lots of pictures to surprise the newlyweds with when they return home from the honeymoon. With so much excitement and so many people to talk to and see, many couples don’t see a great deal of what’s happening at their reception. They’ll be so thankful for getting another chance to see what they may have missed.

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