Hairstyles Wedding Blonde Ideas And Tips

45+ Hairstyles Wedding Blonde Ideas And Tips

Blonde hair is always popular and always in style. Whether you come by it naturally, or get a little help (as most blondes do, frankly), the lovely shimmer of golden locks looks wonderful on a bride. You will want to be sure that you do everything that you can to enhance your hair’s beauty as you prepare for your wedding day.

The first thing to do is to evaluate the exact color of your hair to see if it is the perfect shade of blonde for you. Since most women with blonde hair do touch it up with color, you are not stuck with what nature has provided you. If you have ever looked at the hair dye shelf in the drugstore, you have seen that there are numerous variations within the blonde family. Most women can carry off many of the different tones, but some will definitely suit you better than others.

The color of your skin will be one of the most important factors in determining the perfect shade of blonde for your hair. If you have warm undertones in your complexion (which can be true even of fair skinned women), then you should choose a warm shade of blonde, such as honey. Brides with pinkish undertones in their complexion would be better off with a shade of haircolor labeled “cool” or neutral.

If you are thinking of changing your hair color, do it at least 4 – 6 months before your wedding. That will allow you time to get used to the color and to make any corrections if needed. Once you have found the perfect shade, plan to get it touched up about 3 weeks before your ceremony. Nothing is less attractive than a beautiful head of blonde hair with dark brown roots!

Achieving hair color that is your perfect shade, as well as natural looking, is not as easy as it may seem. Many a woman has dyed her hair at home to find that the color her hair turns out looks nothing like the picture on the box. For your wedding, do not take chances: see a professional. There are actually hair colorists who specialize in blonde hair. You can trust them to make sure that the color is not too yellow, ashy, or brassy.

If you are planning on wearing your hair in an updo, let your hair stylist know when she does your cut and color. Too many layers can make it difficult to create a smooth and polished style, such as a chignon. Also, if you get highlights, you will want to have them done in the bottom layers of your hair, because those will show show your hair is up.

You will want to select a bridal gown and accessories that work well with your hair color. Most blondes look great in a soft ivory, which pulls out the golden color from their hair. (Typically it is brunettes who look the best in pure white gowns.) If you select an ivory bridal gown, be sure that your accessories coordinate with it. For instance, you will want to find a veil that is also ivory, because a bright white veil will make your ivory gown look dingy.

Blondes can finish off their look to perfection with custom bridal jewelry. By having pieces custom made just for you, you can be assured that your bridal jewelry will be absolutely stunning with your gown. Brides with blonde hair often look wonderful in pearls with a soft pink hue. Platinum blondes can play up their dramatic look with spectacular black and white pearl bridal jewelry.

Your hair will be an important part of your overall look on your wedding day. Blonde brides can maximize their natural beauty by making sure that their hair is picture perfect for their big day (no roots!). As every woman knows, when your hair looks fantastic, you always feel great.

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