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50+ Ideas Mermaid bridesmaid Dresses Completely Emphasize Your Beauty

The second focus of the wedding, bridesmaid dresses, as the most innovative? Not to draw attention nontraditional colored dresses, the bridesmaid again, try the bridesmaid dresses for the wedding colors invite a romantic expression new to add.

Passionate romantic red rose

For the bridesmaids: dignified and elegant type
Hot red silk roses and romantic with either cloth or gauze may be the best state, and fine silk chiffon and soft, are suitable for wedding occasion.

With Weapon: If cheap wedding dressesare a little red rose motif, this type of bridesmaid dress is the best option. If you think this is to choose bright red, pink, also white clothing, including belts, woven with flowers red roses, etc for decoration.

Class elegance yellow

For the bridesmaids: clear skin
Bright yellow to attract attention, especially in this high intensity is dazzling satin. At the wedding should be noted that the yellow light and bright with the area should be inversely proportional to its degree. Yellow dress should cover a large area to avoid, otherwise it will be cumbersome and outdated, bridesmaid dresses are the best option. Gaming accessories with high brightness is better.

With a gun: The bright yellow and had a sense of unique wedding too obvious, is suitable as a bridesmaid dress in bright yellow clean, pure, as a principle. Consider also the color of the wedding dress white or yellow lines with the most appropriate.

A sense of connection and elegant green

For the bridesmaids: Grace and elegance Type
Green is undoubtedly the best confirmation of the spring in his tone cool, stylish is also well suited for use as a dress. The room light green is for later use, is also well suited for large-scale applications. Can play wide straps, neck, strapless or halter top dress the greenhouse end, elegant and sexy.

With Weapon: apple green, mint green bridesmaid dresses for all an excellent choice, fresh and elegant is the humorous sense of loss. Choose a soft diamond pearl or small area, allowing more cheap bridesmaid dressesgreen fresh, elegant, beautiful.

Clean and pure sense of emptiness

For the bridesmaids: the introverted type stable
Blue bridesmaid dresses are popular colors this season, wearing a blue suit is also a good option. Choosing the style is based on the greater good short. Blue checkered wedding party dressesis also a good choice but the choice of the grid, considering the brightness of the fabric, otherwise people will be less formal.

With a gun: a large area is a deep sense of blue in a white dress with a festive touch the senses accessories have risen or the details of the element with a series of bright, is playing an unexpected effect.

Pink pattern very romantic sense

For the bridesmaids: a lively and beautiful
Rosa has always been synonymous with romance, nature is essential to wear the color. But it is also a relative risk of color, very nice and a sense of not stable, so that the brightness and depth to the degree of control is very important. Breaking the head and your choice of pink safer choice, as a pink dress with flowers or pictures not only look beautiful but also fashionable. Do you even pay for a good deal, in the way of flowers this year, you can use after the wedding, travel or shopping.

Weapons: the color may be harder to win the bride of light, so that in time the selection with black or volume was heavy jewelry, to avoid grains, glass and other jewelry is light a good feeling about the election.


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