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50+Tattoo Sleeve Female Collection

Tattoo sleeve designs for women can be a great expression of a female’s personality since its located on a body part that is seen all the time. This type of tat theme can either be a full sleeve, half sleeve or quarter sleeve depending on the wearer herself on what kind of style she chooses to be inked on her. Since it’s flaunted all the time, careful planning and forethought should be done when determining what tattoo designs to go for so there will be no regret in the end.

Flowers are the most common designs seen on sleeve tattoos for women. They are naturally beautiful and form fitting to the shape of a woman’s arm so they can definitely create a statement of their own. The language of flowers are vast and varied depending on what type is it. The favorite ones are cherry blossoms or sakura in Japanese, lotus, hibiscus, rose and lily. They are greatly favored because of their charm and beauty and the fact that they can be symbolical. Cherry blossoms with its pink flowers and delicate petals can represent beauty and girl power. Hibiscus, on the other hand, with it blooms that last for only a short time can be a representation of “seize the moment”. Rose is a symbol of love while lily is of purity. Lotus is another meaningful flower that can connote the struggles in life that one went through.

Stars can be another stunning sleeve tattoo designs. They can either be inked as shooting stars or just pieces of them grouped together. The good thing about star tattoos is that they are open and versatile when it comes to their symbolism. Another very feminine option would be to go for butterfly tattoos as they can be tattooed to mimic their natural movements. With their colorful hues and interesting details, the butterfly can definitely create a lot of charm as a sleeve tat theme.

When it comes to sleeve tattoo designs, anything goes as a creative tat artist should be able to adapt a design to make it look natural on your body. The important thing is to go a tattoo art that has significance and personal connection to you. This will assure that there will be no regrets in the end.

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